Wizard Cards

Issue #45


by Max Paige

This week we will be featuring Keithen "Riggs" Riggs, an Eagle alumnus!


Do you want your own wizarding card? Send me an owl! Here's what you need to include in that owl:

- Your WOP Name and House

- An image of you (Doesn't have to be your profile picture)

A brief (3 or 4 lines) biography blurb

Remember that your image cannot be taken straight from the movie itself. Also bonus points if you give me a gif with the face moving! Just like the real wizarding cards!


This Edition's Wizarding Cards

Keithen Riggs

Riggs - never Keithen - has enjoyed a storied life, both at the Castle and after graduation. Leading the Eagle League team as a Beater and Seeker for six of his seven years at school and winning five League Cups with them, he has also been the subject of quite a lot of wizarding gossip, mostly surrounding his relationship with current Castle Flying professor Althaea Arkwright, to whom he is in the midst of proposing. Though he originally believed he didn't belong in the Eagle house, he soon learned that book learning is not the only kind of intelligence in the world and now enjoys a successful career as a broom designer and the owner of his own broomstick company, Riggs Racing Co., where he names all of his broomsticks after important women in his life. The "Alth" broomstick is in stores near you now.

coded by Issie