This or That?


Well, what do we have here! A new layout for our This or That Blog! Let's see exactly who we have... It is of course Chief Editor, Cana Havich!

Parseltongue, as snakes surely have interesting things to say

Would you rather speak parseltongue or have a mad-eye like Moody?

Future from Trelawney, as I'm aware enough of my past

Would you rather have your future told by professor Trelawney or be able to see your past in Dumbledore’s pensieve?

Crabbe and Goyle, as I feel they could be very influenced

Would you rather spend an afternoon with moaning Myrtle or with Crabbe & Goyle?


Swim to the deep using gillyweed! All sorts of neat stuff down there

Would you rather fly high in the sky on a broom or swim to the deep using gillyweed?

Cat! Cats are great

Would you rather have a pet owl or a pet cat?

Candy for sure!

Would you rather eat all the candies in Honeydukes or play with all the jokes in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?

Malfoy, but I'd really prefer neither

Would you rather take polyjuice potion to become Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy? I don't have control issues ...

Would you rather be a house prefect or captain of quidditch team?
Well that was so insightful! Thank you Cana for filling in and it was great to get to know you a little better too! I've been Grayson, thank you for reading my blog!
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