Hogwarts Pokemon
Let's play Pokemon, the Wizarding way! All you have to do is guess where these events took place, and it will lead you to 5 Chocolate Frogs! Just send me an owl with your guess by the end of the month! You might even get to pick the next location!
Last Week's Winners
This past week was a bit of a challenge! A lot of you thought that it was the Owlery, but it was actually the Owl shop in the Alley!! I still am giving out Frogs to all those who participate though, because I like hearing from you all! And as always, let me know if you have any suggestions for future locations! So congratulations to:

Alexandrius Bulstrode, Fred Davenport and Davina Beaulieu!

Look out for your free five Chocolate Frogs!
This Week's Clues
There was no place safer than this location to hide the clue for my next Pokeball. Or should it be called a "Potter-ball"? I'm still determining which would be a better name! Regardless, I didn't want to make this one as difficult as our last one...

So I thought of a place that was one of the two safest places in all of the wizarding world. Run by goblins, this ancient institution is home to a labyrinth of mining tracks veering left and right to each secret storage compartment. Just make sure that you have your key, or you'll never be able to open those vaults! I sure hope you have a strong stomach, because these mine carts are one wild ride!!
Know the answer?
Send an Owl my way to receive five Chocolate Frogs!

Max Paige
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