Wizard Cards
Trading Post

Issue #19


by Max Paige

This week we will be featuring Jade Cameron, one of our very valued Assistant Teachers, working with Professor Hadrian Fairbrother in the Study of Ancient Runes, one of my newest favourite classes!


Do you want your own wizarding card? Send me an owl! Here's what you need to include in that owl:

- Your WOP Name and House

- An image of you (Doesn't have to be your profile picture)

A brief (3 or 4 lines) biography blurb

Remember that your image cannot be taken straight from the movie itself. Also bonus points if you give me a gif with the face moving! Just like the real wizarding cards!


This Edition's Wizarding Card

Jade Cameron

Jade grew up in the muggle world, not even knowing magic existed until she turned eleven. She is a curious child and wants to learn as much as possible about the magical world around her. She is a friendly and sociable and enjoys making friends - when she isn't hiding out in the library reading at least. Jade is rather competitive and never backs down from a fight, especially if it involves her friends and family. She enjoys all her lessons in the Castle, but her favorite would be a tie between defense against the dark arts and charms.

coded by Issie