Wizard Cards

Issue #49


by Max Paige

This week we will be featuring Anna Jackson, an Eagle alumn who now works with the Ministry of Magic!


Do you want your own wizarding card? Send me an owl! Here's what you need to include in that owl:

- Your WOP Name and House

- An image of you (Doesn't have to be your profile picture)

A brief (3 or 4 lines) biography blurb

Remember that your image cannot be taken straight from the movie itself. Also bonus points if you give me a gif with the face moving! Just like the real wizarding cards!


This Edition's Wizarding Cards

Anna Jackson

Brief info : Before becoming an Auror and working at the ministry Anna studied hard at Hogwarts and was at most of her subjects especially Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and also music. After graduating Anna stayed in Paris for a few years before coming back to England and started training hard to be an Auror. Anna never lost sight of her goal with great determination which she still carries with her to this day. Anna enjoyed drawing all throughout her time at Hogwarts and was really good at it.

coded by Issie