Wizard Cards

Issue #46


by Max Paige

This week we will be featuring Calypso Dove Aurelis, a new Eagle!


Do you want your own wizarding card? Send me an owl! Here's what you need to include in that owl:

- Your WOP Name and House

- An image of you (Doesn't have to be your profile picture)

A brief (3 or 4 lines) biography blurb

Remember that your image cannot be taken straight from the movie itself. Also bonus points if you give me a gif with the face moving! Just like the real wizarding cards!


This Edition's Wizarding Cards

Calypso Aurelis

Calypso is a new student at Hogwarts who is eleven years old and was sorted into the Eagles’ house. She likes reading, drawing, colouring, cycling, swimming, and the colour purple. She is very ambitious and can sometimes be stubborn. Her favourite animal is a Stag and her favourite flower is the Blubell. Her favourite planet is Neptune. She hasn’t decided on a favourite class yet, but she has a feeling it may be either Dark Arts or Care of Magical Creatures. She comes from an Asian/Glaswegian descent, i.e. from the area of Glasgow. For vacation, someday she hopes to travel to Greece or Rhodes.

coded by Issie