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Another edition, another class! What'll it be this time? Anyway, I'm back and don't forget to keep reading!

And for a little review, I am Ilan Kim bringing you another edition of Classy Adventures! If you haven't already guessed due to the title, this blog is about... the different classes taught at the castle! There will be information on these classes, some cool aesthetics, and even a little section where you get to help fill in the blanks! Anyway, let's look into our class for today which is... Flying!

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What was Flying like many years ago? Was it completely the same? Did people still learn how to fly and take care of their brooms? Well, well, you've come to the right place!

Flying Class which might also be known as Broom Flight Class (take your pick I suppose?) has been taught at Hogwarts for many years. Originally, it was a class taught for all seven years. Oftentimes it was the class that many people either dreaded taking, looked forward to, or a mixture of both.

Throughout the seven years, students began to learn the basics of broomology (yes, apparently that's a word) and began out with simple things like summoning the broom. Overtime, of course, the moves and techniques became more complicated. Towards the student's last year, they could learn pretty advanced moves like the surfing loop and split S.

Nowaways, however, Flying is only taught for three years but it still teaches all the same things although one could say it might not get quite as advanced. Either way, this class will teach you some flying techniques and all sorts of things that will help you before and as you lift off. The subject was at one point taught by Rolanda Hooch and is now taught by Zephaniel Zeno.

So, does flying sound like fun? If so, you should absolutely go take Professor Zeno's class!

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Ah, now, shall we enjoy some wonderful aesthetics?

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Every new edition, there's going to be a little... adventure! This will consist of a character (note: these characters are NPCs and do not actually exist on site) having an adventure at the featured class of the week! But I'm going to need your help! How? It's up to you to fill in the blanks. Have you ever heard of mad libs? Well, that's what we're going to be doing. Each week, there will be adjectives, nouns, all those fun stuff for you to fill out in the comments and one person's suggestions will go into the next week's adventure!

And thank you so much to everyone who filled out the mad lib last week! And this week, thank you Davina Beaulieu for filling it out and congratulations on being featured. Ready for the adventure?

There was nothing like that feeling in Meadow’s thumb as she soared north after kicking off the broom. The sky felt like a jolly and magical place. So the girl was plain when she learned that the next class on her schedule was Flying. With an eager grin, the girl ran outside of the castle to the pitch. “Hey everyone!” That was Meadow’s personality. Excited and happy. The 11-year-old climbed over towards the brooms, hoping they would be flying that day. Unfortunately for her, a few students were already there and were sitting around, polishing books. It was boring, Meadow thought, but she picked up the book and began to polish it anyway. In the meantime, might as well have a conversation. “This sure is interesting, isn’t it?” There were a few replies but maybe she could start a conversation. I can make this fun if I want to. That’s all up to me.

Interesting, right? Well, well!

Would you like a chance to have what you would put in the blanks featured? Well, well, next week's adventure is a surprise but whatever you might comment could definitely change the story a little! So make sure to fill this out in the comments!
  • noun
  • adjective
  • verb
  • type of relationship (e.i. friend, mortal enemy, partner, etc)
  • adjective
I cannot wait to see what next week's adventure turns out to be and what it's like but I guess we'll have to find out! Don't forget to fill out the blanks in the comments- OH and did I mention that everyone who fills in the blanks gets a prize? So go go!

Well, well, I hope you've had a wonderful time reading this blog- I've had a great time writing it! Make sure to stay tuned for the next post and next adventure in two weeks!

Thank you for reading and make sure to go do your Flying homework!

Ilan Kim

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