Wizard Cards
Trading Post

Issue #5


by Max Paige

This week, we are featuring our very own Minister of Magic, Ms. Lynessa Addison!


Do you want your own wizarding card? Send me an owl! Here's what you need to include in that owl:

- Your WOP Name and House

- An image of you (Doesn't have to be your profile picture)

A brief (3 or 4 lines) biography blurb

- The name of a Canon Character that you identify with, or admire, and why!

Remember that your image cannot be taken straight from the movie itself. Also bonus points if you give me a gif with the face moving! Just like the real wizarding cards!


This Edition's Wizarding Cards

Lynessa Addison

The current Minister of Magic, Lynessa Addison, has now held the position for over 10 years. A charm and plant enthusiast who previously taught at Hogwarts before working her way up in the Ministry. She is famously known around the wizarding world for her loud voice and actions, as well as her colour of green robes. Despite all the different styles, she has never been sighted in another colour of robes to date! Lyn now lives on her family farm with her two children and her dog called Frog.

Sybill Trelawney

No, I'm not a secret seer like this wonderful human but I relate to her so much. Her eccentric attitude and truly a free spirit at heart. Also, much like me, breaking the typical traits of Ravenclaw!

coded by Issie