Guess The Spell

Vol. 042

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Guess The Spell by Daphne Leung! Through this blog post, just like its title, you will have to guess a spell that I have in mind! I will give several clues related to this spell, and once you know what spell that is, quickly send your answer because the fastest winners will get more prizes!

Before we got to see the clues, let's see what we had in the previous edition! The answer is Papyrus Reparo! Congratulations for Wren Dalloway, Simion Lockheart, and Leon Gust for being our top answerers! You will get 5 Chocolate Frog Cards, meanwhile the rest of the participants who got the correct answer will get 1 Chocolate Frog Cards. WOOO!

Now, without any further ado, let us start with the clues for this edition!

Clue #1

This charm is related to quality.

Clue #2

This charm is related to food.

Clue #3

Statute of Secrecy Task Force members learned this charm to help them during the Calamity.

Do you know what spell do the clues mean? If yes, now it is time to submit your answer, and you can do it HERE! Three fastest winners will get 5 Chocolate Frogs Cards, and the rest of the winners will only get 1 Card, so make sure to be as fast as possible, but also accurate!

Submit Here!

Format: <First Name> <Last Name>
For example: {%FULLNAME%}

Answer with the incantation!
If there is none, use the spell name.
For example: Expecto Patronum
OR Patronus Charm

That's all for today! I will be expecting your submission with the answer to this quiz. Happy hunting!

this blog post is written by
Daphne Leung