Hello lovely users, today we are going to be interviewing a wonderful user of the site so that you can get to know them better. As you can probably tell, they are a member of Hufflepuff house and many of you may recognise him... Today's interview by Adrasteia is with the incredible Jason Quinn!
Jason Quinn

Adrasteia: On WoP UK who are you and what is your job?

Jason: Hey there I am Jason Quinn, or otherwise known as JQ, Badger boi or Quinny the Hero of Hufflepuff. I am the Divination AT for Professor Whitefeather. Which means I get to help the Professor with all his marking, such as Homework that has been ungraded, varying grades and deal with homework complaints.

Adrasteia: Do you enjoy your job on the site?

Jason: I LOVE MY JOB! Professor Whitefeather is such an awesome Professor, I get on really well with him and not to mention his tea is legendary. I don’t think I could work for a better person!

Adrasteia: How long IRL have you been doing said job?

Jason: I have been the Professors AT for around 2 months altogether with a short 2 week break in between.

Adrasteia: What are the fun and not so fun parts?

Jason: I love it when I get an awesome piece of homework to grade, where someone has made true effort, and created a beautifully descriptive piece. I always tell the Professor about these pieces of work and he is always so happy that someone makes such an effort in his class. I wouldn’t say there is anything not fun about it to be honest, if I am ever in doubt about something Professor Whitefeather is only a message away.

Adrasteia: Is there anything special that you can do?

Jason: I actually can sing and play guitar pretty well and I like going for a run and climbing trees and all round being active. I think I’m a pretty friendly guy as well.

Adrasteia: Anything you think is important to know about you and that should always be known by any user?

Jason: I seem to have a knack for getting myself into trouble with my personality. I achieved most gossiped about puff, most flirty and cheesiest last year in the Hufflepuff awards night. XD

I would just like to thank Jason for participating in the interview and Adrasteia for conducting the interview. I believe that we all know Jason a little bit better now so I wonder who we shall get to know next, however that is all we have for you now. Enjoy the rest of your day/night!

Felicity Hathaway