Sungjae's Pet Shop: The Augurey
In every edition of Sungjae's Pet Shop, you will be presented and informed about a new magical creature, that you might be interested in, or that you might not know a lot about!

- From : Daphne Leung

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William Bobby

William Bobby Such a beautiful bird. However, it’s sound doesn’t seem appealing.

Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu I love seeing this pretty bird!!! Though I am glad I never heard its voice

Sophie Shimmer

Sophie Shimmer Amazing article, providing a huge amount of information about augreys, and I'm curious about their cry/singing rumour...

Althaea Arkwright

Althaea Arkwright Woah! That's really interesting-I heard former headmistress Mars has one of these-oh, and the Quibbly CE too. I'd be interested in getting one of these hmm...

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