Northwood's Magical Encounter #006
Are you interested in the fantastic magical beasts of our world? Have you ever wondered what it would require to have creatures such as Jobberknolls or even Lethifolds as pets? Then fear no more! Through Northwoods Magical Encounters you get to learn more about your upcoming pet, alongside what it would require of you to hold it. Make sure to read every edition, and you will soon find the perfect pet for you!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Corvina Morgan

Corvina Morgan Magnificent creatures perfect to keep off unwanted guests for sure...

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington The Hinkypunk is one of my favourite magical creatures - so unique and fascinating! Part of me thinks it should stay out in the wild so it doesn't harm me, but then the other part thinks that if it's in the wild then it could harm travellers... I'm torn!

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