How to Survive Lockdown 2020
The world is indeed a crazy place right now and a lot of us have been affected in more ways than one, so here is a guide for all you wonderful wizards and witches to help you survive the Lockdown.

- From : Bernard Carter

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Vincent Valois

Vincent Valois Thank you for the tips and positivity!

Emily Ravenwood

Emily Ravenwood Wonderful tips Bernard <3

Matthew Darcy

Matthew Darcy Wonderful!

Sasha Mystic

Sasha Mystic Cool tips.

Mars Kuiper

Mars Kuiper aha! wonderful

Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Amazing advice to help everyone out! Well done :D

Avis Weaver

Avis Weaver Some fantastic advice here, thanks Nard!

McKenna Grace

McKenna Grace Ive done all of this! its sort of helpful! but good tips!

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