Wizarding World's Day by Day- Melody Marshall
Welcome to Wizarding World's Day by Day! I am Melody Marshall, one of your boysenberries, and I am here to give you facts about today's date! That is right! This blog post will be ALL about today's date, could be huge event in the canon series of our world, or just a tiny event that people do not care much. But we do, don't we? :D

- From : Bernard Carter

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Anna Richards

Anna Richards I love this post Thank you so much

Bernard Carter

Bernard Carter So proud of you Melody!

Brigitte Dafney

Brigitte Dafney What a great idea! I love this post <3 (and the pink!!)

Harriet Everdawn

Harriet Everdawn Great blog Mel! Super fun and interesting to read! :D

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