Time Turner || Vol 2: Soleil Winters
Hello and welcome to a post around Graduates. Whether you are staff, hold a student position or simply one of those lurking around because you obviously have nothing better to do, this is a blog for you! My name is Alice Everdawn the cuter Everdawn but I bring you this segment. I have been able to contact a number of you and asked you some hard hitting questions. And so I present... THE TIME TURNER

- From : Kate Wright

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Melody Marshall

Melody Marshall 11 year old Sol? :O

Dinah Louise

Dinah Louise Eugh its weird to think of an 11 year old Sol.... I loved reading this, thank you :)

Felix Faustus

Felix Faustus I love these interviews, great work both of you!

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Thank you for taking the time to interview me, Alice! It was great fun ;p

Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Incredible interview :D well done to you both! I would also like advice from your 11yr old self, Sol ;)

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