What's cooking? - July 2021
This blog will hold monthly updates that are happening all around the site from the month of July. The blog includes both student and graduate staff changes, Daily Prophet and Quibbler articles, each House’s articles, site updates, given ads, and an interview with a staff member. Sit back, chillax, and enjoy your stay!

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Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu Ahhhh! Great article. Love advice from Nova

Leah Kimble

Leah Kimble So much awesome stuff packed into your blog Mysie! Absolutely adore this! <3

Valkyrie Myres

Valkyrie Myres Fantastic blog Mysie! I've just been and converted my wizard cards thanks to your coverage, so thank you very much! <3

Astrid Beckett

Astrid Beckett This is so cute to read

Reyna Allwine

Reyna Allwine *adds my ATs in here* XD Great blog post!!

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