Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Worth Seeing?
Have you not gotten around to watching Fantastic Beasts yet and wondering whether you should? Or have you watched the film and want to hear other's thoughts? Look no further, we're here to show you WoP's thoughts on Fantastic Beasts!

- From : Aurora Everston

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Alice Fawcett

Alice Fawcett No way! My first day here and I'm in the paper! Thank you for including my thoughts!

Erasmus Kaspar

Erasmus Kaspar 100/10 THANK YOU VEYR MUCH

Septimus Corbulo

Septimus Corbulo Hahaha, the gif under mine xD Excellent article!

Belladonna Bellchant

Belladonna Bellchant I loved the Niffler !

Lyanna Bracken

Lyanna Bracken Gaaahhh you put the Newt gif with my review! I LOVE EDDIE REDMAYNE SO MUCH OK THANK YOU xD <33

Valkyrie Myres

Valkyrie Myres Fantastic article and glad to see I am in it ;) also I completely agree with Elian Luther, they really are missing a trick there!

Elian Luther

Elian Luther I still think the HP merch team are missing out by not doing Niffler Money boxes

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