Wizarding World's Day by Day || June 7
Welcome to Wizarding World's Day by Day! I am Nicole Marshall, one of your boysenberries, and I am here to give you facts about today's date! That is right! This blog post will be ALL about today's date, could be a huge event in the canon series of our world or just a tiiiny event that people do not care much. But we do, don't we? :D

- From : Lynessa Addison

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Lily Caldwell

Lily Caldwell aw, Remus D: what a great professor! this is a fantastic series idea- I can't wait to read more!

Felix Faustus

Felix Faustus How interesting!

Harlow Spencer

Harlow Spencer oh this is fun! what a great article idea

Wendelin Barnes

Wendelin Barnes Oh this is fantastic! Looking forward to read more!

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Lovely post, Nicole! Looking forward to more of these.

Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Incredible read, Nicole, well done! :D

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