Back to School #1 - Beauxbatons
Join us on a world tour as we explore the known great wizarding schools of the world! From Beauxbatons to Uagadou and everywhere in between, we can't wait to take you on this adventure to learn more about the wizarding world.

- From : Soleil Winters

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Joanna Swansong

Joanna Swansong It sounds super fancy there, it's a bit intimidating D: What fun is there to have without a poltergeist?!

Yesenia Flores

Yesenia Flores This sounds like an actual amazing place

Fauve Elyson

Fauve Elyson Hmm...would it be too late to move schools?

Hieronymus Sangfroid

Hieronymus Sangfroid I'd have looked great in baby blue - if only SOMEONE had let me go to Beauxbatons gdi

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