David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived - Review
Sky and HBO have produced a new documentary called 'David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived', sharing the story of Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double, David, who was paralysed in an accident during filming. Read Soleil's review of the documentary here!

- From : Soleil Winters

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Daiyu Zhang

Daiyu Zhang Wow just wow 🤩

Miles Gosling

Miles Gosling I'll need to add this one to my list o: excellent review!

Ichabod Hellebore

Ichabod Hellebore It was a brilliant documentary, definitely would recommend!

Wren Dalloway

Wren Dalloway I love this!

Fauve Elyson

Fauve Elyson Wow this is a lovely review Soleil I most definitely will have to go and check it out later!

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