This or That | Vol 4
Always been curious about the familiar faces around site? Join Grayson as he digs a little on some of our well known, to find out EXACTLY what they think!

- From : Grayson Steele

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Richard Smyth

Richard Smyth This is really interesting to read, and I get to learn about people. I look forward to next week!

Elvira Parker

Elvira Parker I love reading this every week

Miles Gosling

Miles Gosling Another great edition - fantastic questions, Grayson o: and nice getting to know you, NIk!

Niklaus Petrov

Niklaus Petrov Amazing job as always, Grayson :)

Yesenia Flores

Yesenia Flores That last one... How did you even choose these options Grayson?

Finnian Kane

Finnian Kane Those are some really hard ones! Who wouldn't want their own frog card? :D

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