Blog: Exam Prep and Competition Results!
Get yourselves ready for the WoP exams starting in Week 11!

- From : Lynessa Addison

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Brianna Donovan

Brianna Donovan Congratulations to the winners! And good luck all on the exams!! We can do this!

Ives Quillitar

Ives Quillitar Congratulations to all and good luck with the upcoming exams!

Astrid Zolotov

Astrid Zolotov Congrats to all winners on the SoMe competition. And good luck on exams everyone!

Avis Weaver

Avis Weaver Ahh great advice! I feel like I need it XD Congratulations to everyone else who entered the competition! :D Also - go join the SoMe team!

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Congrats to everyone who entered the competition, and good luck to all with IG exams this year!

River Kingsley

River Kingsley Thank you Lyn!

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