World Food || Vol 5
In this blog I will be making you all super hungry! Just kidding ;) I shall be talking to you about foods from around the world! Each month I will be bringing you a new place from around the world and different foods from that place. Perhaps ones you've tried, or even ones that you'd like to try!

- From : Kate Wright

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Enya Fresnel

Enya Fresnel Mmmmm I am such a sucker for shortbread!! *runs to go buy some*

Theodore Bennett

Theodore Bennett omnomnom shortbread

Delia Arden

Delia Arden I love Scotland! I just don't love haggis... Had it once, not that great

Banned user

Banned user I'm quite hungry now ahh. I'd better go make some shortbread. Amazing blog, it was throughly entertaining and delicious.

Alvina Belmont

Alvina Belmont I like a little haggis with some chicken but not too often. Tastes similar to stuffing for me. Wish I liked shortbread though. It can be quite dry so I recommend a nice cup of tea or coffee!

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Haggis is... okay. Got to have it with neeps and tatties with Irn Bru on the side though because if not, is it even Scottish? Shortbread is amazing though :V

Dinah Louise

Dinah Louise SO hungry now! Might have to go eat some shortbread. I think I'll steer clear of haggis tho...

Alijah HyeongJun

Alijah HyeongJun This is great! :o

Harlow Spencer

Harlow Spencer shortbread, yes please! I'm definitely not adventurous enough to try haggis. I have very particular tastebuds and I don't think they'd agree with haggis. I do love meat though!

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