Classy Adventures - The Final Adventure | Herbology
Welcome welcome! It's time for another adventure that I've been waiting for. And... it's actually our LAST adventure! Can you believe it? I started writing this blog so long ago but here it comes to a close as this is the last of the classes! In case you haven't read this blog, for a quick recap, it's Ilan Kim back where we look at a class each blog! So let's enjoy our very last adventure of Herbology!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Sawyer Havich

Sawyer Havich Congrats on such a long running series!

Walter Bernard

Walter Bernard It's very sad to see such a wonderful blog end. Cool looking aesthetics though!

Rowena Morgan

Rowena Morgan So sad to see this is the last one of the series! :( But amazing work Ilan!

Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu This can't be the last!!! I love reading those

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington No way is it the last edition :'-) What a brilliant adventure it's been, Ilan!

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