What is the function of...?
My dearest Wopians it is with the greatest honor that I am proud to present this new blog series to you titled, ‘What is the Function of..?’

- From : Bernard Carter

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Astrid Zolotov

Astrid Zolotov Muggles are quite odd :O

Isaiah Immonen

Isaiah Immonen This is hilarious!! I love this article series :D

Avis Weaver

Avis Weaver Ahh fantastic article Bernard! Excited to read more of these, this was hilarious! ♥

Brianna Donovan

Brianna Donovan *hides the mouse in her pocket* Oh well.. that's awkward!

Alexander Heartstove

Alexander Heartstove Oh my god, this was fabulous xD I love it I love it I love it ;D

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