Getting to know you #6
Can you guess who we are looking at today? No? Too excited, well you better read below then!

- From : Felicity Hathaway

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Vincent Valois

Vincent Valois Excellent article once again! :D Thank you for the glimpse~

Banned user

Banned user Wonderful interview! Great job, Pear! Great to get to know you better, Elfie!

Uliana Krum

Uliana Krum Very nice!

Florence Chang

Florence Chang Nice!

Matthew Darcy

Matthew Darcy Ahhh this is so cool!

Euphemia Flamel

Euphemia Flamel Ah that is so cool! :D

Pear Lynn

Pear Lynn I loved interviewing Elfie!

Blair Ashford

Blair Ashford Awesome answers! Well done Pear and Elfie!! ♥

Christopher Tangney

Christopher Tangney Nice!

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