The epilogue has begun
We all know the books. Actually, I think it's safe to say that we all love the books. I must say I was sad when I reached the epilogue, the story was over, the books were done...

- From : Lindsey Aguirre

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Bethany Malfoy

Bethany Malfoy I was there! It was amazing

Archie Everston

Archie Everston This was a magical moment for everyone, and I for one can say that I hope that Albus has an amazing year, and can't wait to hear the rest of his story that 1) I rEEEAAALLLYYY wanna hear and 2) that deserves to be told. Harry Potter is legit my one love that i would give my entire soul and being to, and the fan base that it has amounted is incredible. Happy belated epilogue day <3. (i should've had school off that day tbh)

Pixel Faries

Pixel Faries Saying that I love the harry potter book series is an understatement.

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