QUIZ! Who's My Best Friend?
Four boxes, four answers, four possible friends, which one is yours according to the preferences?

- From : Kate Wright

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Daniel Labieuel

Daniel Labieuel I would have to say the Weasley twins, they can be smart but incredibly funny.

Melody Marshall

Melody Marshall I'll be best friend with Oliver Wood and I don't mind it at all honestly XD

Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu Would not have guessed Cho, but I guess it makes sense!

Bristol Sawyer

Bristol Sawyer Oliver Wood!

Mars Kuiper

Mars Kuiper Cho Chang :o

Harlow Spencer

Harlow Spencer Cho Chang. hmm...

Theodore Bennett

Theodore Bennett Oooh I love this!

Alice Brown

Alice Brown Oliver Woods <3 My choice did not disappoint me :D

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Awesome quiz, Nicole! I guess I'd be friends with anyone but Oliver Wood...

Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Filch :P

Viggo Hellstrom

Viggo Hellstrom I be friends with Nicole Marshall!

Kate Wright

Kate Wright I think I'm friends with the entire gang! I like all four of these activities!!! But maybe Argus Filch would come closest... I just cleaned out my office at the ministry. Found the most interesting things in between the dust and piles of files. *smirks*

Wendelin Barnes

Wendelin Barnes Nymphadora Tonks! This was a brilliant article!

Hayley Applegate

Hayley Applegate I got Cho Chang! That's so exciting!

Harriet Everdawn

Harriet Everdawn I got Oliver Woods! I think I may like Quidditch a little too much! o: Great Blog Nicole <3

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