A Sad Ending to a Beautiful Life!
It is with great sadness that we have found out that our dear actor Robert Hardy who played Cornelius Fudge has passed away.

- From : Amy Nightstar

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Alex King

Alex King <3 *raises wand*

Victoria Convallaria

Victoria Convallaria *raises wand* R.I.P

Leon Pennifold

Leon Pennifold *raises wand*

Merilyn Hunt

Merilyn Hunt *raises wand* <3

laura eldridge

laura eldridge *raises wand* <3

Skyler Goldfinch

Skyler Goldfinch *Raises wand* <3

Aurora Everston

Aurora Everston *raises wand* /* <3

Valkyrie Myres

Valkyrie Myres "Lumos" - Raises wand in memory of Robert Hardy

Bethany Malfoy

Bethany Malfoy Raise your wands /*

Darth Hades

Darth Hades R.I.P Robert Hardy <3

Ariabelle Blackwolf

Ariabelle Blackwolf R.I.P <3

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