The Real-Life Snape at the Welsh Hogwarts
Everyone in our current society, magicians as well as muggles, knows about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but not everyone knows about the Aberystwyth University, which is supposed to be a real-life Hogwarts. And to top it off, the University used to have its very own Professor Snape!

- From : Deleted user

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Kelsey Dalton

Kelsey Dalton Uhhhh interesting... gonna move xD <3

Ariabelle Blackwolf

Ariabelle Blackwolf YAAAS WALES! *waves dragon flag*

Russell Griffin

Russell Griffin Interesting post great work

Lyra Cora

Lyra Cora WOO WALES YAY #WelshPride

Atlana Darkbloom

Atlana Darkbloom YAAS MY CONTRY!!! #RepresentingTheWelsh

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