Wizarding World's Day by Day || 8th of November
Welcome to Wizarding World's Day by Day! I am Nicole Marshall, one of your boisenberries, and I am here to give you facts about today's date! That is right! This blog post will be ALL about today's date, could be huge event in the canon series of our world, or just a tiiiny event that people do not care much. But we do, don't we? :D

- From : Kate Wright

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Arthur Garrick

Arthur Garrick Poor Colin!

Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Another incredible blog and day for the wizarding world :o

Ryder Seo

Ryder Seo Ooo this was today! Fun!!

Delia Arden

Delia Arden I love this! Well, not Harry losing his bones, but the concept is great!

Felix Faustus

Felix Faustus I meant skelegro....

Felix Faustus

Felix Faustus Skeleton-bro sounds traumatic

Harlow Spencer

Harlow Spencer I always love these blogs. it's fun to look back at important dates in history! looking forward to the next one.

Dinah Louise

Dinah Louise Very interesting, I can't believe this happened on this day 28 (I think that's the right math) years ago! <3

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