Time Turner || Vol 3: Astrid Zolotov
Hello and welcome to a post around Graduates. Whether you are staff, hold a student position or simply one of those lurking around because you obviously have nothing better to do, this is a blog for you! My name is Alice Everdawn the cuter Everdawn but I bring you this segment. I have been able to contact a number of you and asked you some hard hitting questions. And so I present... THE TIME TURNER

- From : Kate Wright

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Lynessa Addison

Lynessa Addison Amazing interview, well done :D Lovely getting to know you a little, Astrid, your wisdom to your younger self is amazing :3

Larissa Liu

Larissa Liu Great interview!

Roy Harding

Roy Harding awesome interview, Alice! :D very good questions, and great answers from Astrid, even though they were sometimes a bit confusing... ;)

Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu I love this!

Laurence Allwine

Laurence Allwine I love this blog! So much to learn about graduates. Also wow Astrid that really confused me XD

Mars Kuiper

Mars Kuiper great advice... O.O lovely interview!

Kate Wright

Kate Wright Awesome interview with Astrid. Great work Alice!

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